We accept orders for our natural artisan cheese from all over India and offer home delivery within India to most pin codes.

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Minimum order size is 1kg.


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**Prices listed are per 200g wedges for Gouda and Cheddar. Actual weight for our wedges can vary between 180g and 230g so that is why our final price quote may vary from the website estimate. If you want a full wheel (4-5kg) of cheese you can also request that and mention the specific flavour in the comments box.

Our cheese is sold according to the age of the cheese from young until vintage:

Young: 3-8 weeks
Mild: 3-4 months
Medium: 5-6 months
Mature: 7-9 months
Old: 10-12 months
Vintage: +12 months

Young Gouda 200g, ₹302

Young Cumin Gouda 200g, ₹333

Young Chilli Gouda 200g, ₹333

Young Fenugreek Gouda 200g, ₹333

Young Black Pepper Gouda 200g, ₹333

Young Walnut Gouda 200g, ₹333

Young Garlic Nettle Gouda 200g, ₹333

Young Mustard Gouda 200g, ₹333

Young Basil Garlic Gouda 200g, ₹333

Mature Frisian Clove Gouda 200g, ₹431

Young Cheddar 200g, ₹305

Kalari 500g Packet, ₹595

Full Cheese Wheel 4-5kg, Request specific flavour in comments box

Reminder: Minimum order size is 1kg

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Our contact details:

Phone: +91 94 190 454 20, +91 194 246 1593

Email: info [at] himalayancheese.com


Mobile: +91 94 190 454 20 | Office: +91 194 246 1593

Email: info [at] himalayancheese.com