Our Recipe

Himalayan Products is a unique enterprise making natural artisan cheese in the Valley of Kashmir, India. Our company is operated by a Dutchman using his Dutch heritage and traditions to make cheese in an environmentally friendly and locally acceptable way.

Himalayan Products wants to encourage and promote social and economical development in our locality. We uphold fair trade values. We work directly with local farmers without middle men so we can be sure the farmers get the best for their fresh milk, and we get the best full cream milk from them.

Our milk comes from the Himalayan Mountains where the cows and buffaloes graze in a natural and clean environment. The cows feed on grass, herbs, and plants that grow wild in the Himalayas. We purchase only the best milk from the Himalayas for our cheese making.

Each of our products begin with natural/organic milk that is collected from the farmers and pasteurized before its use. We use a mix of cow and buffalo milk for our cheese, which varies according to seasonal supply.

Our cheese is made with the following values:

  • Eco friendly
  • Fair trade
  • Organic Milk
  • Economic Development
  • Social Development

Our Gouda and Cheddar cheese is made in individual cheese wheels and is priced per kilogram. Our two main sizes of cheese wheels weigh between 350-500 grams and 800g-1000 grams. Additionally we offer small cut pieces of Gouda and Cheddar in vacuum packed bags. The cut pieces are approximately 200 grams each.

We accept orders for home delivery from all over India plus our cheese is available in a number of stores across India. To order or to request more information please contact us.

vacuum packed Gouda cheese from Kashmir India vacuum packed Cheddar cheese from Kashmir India